Key Capabilities.

We deliver value for organizations with our 4-pillar approach.

Secure Deployments

Our AI engines are delivered as robust and hardware- optimized Docker containers in any infrastructure, including on-premises.

Multi-language Support

We perform text analytics tasks on digital content containing more than 40 languages.

Ready for Production

We don’t just build AI models, we build ready-for-production engines covering more than a dozen text analytics tasks.

No-code Adaptation

AI engines needs to understand your data to perform at its best. Machine Learning is now easier with our no-code AI platform.

Our Clients.

Our AI capabilities are helping organizations make sense of their unstructured data.

Our Enterprise-Grade Solutions.

Secure & Adaptable AI platform

Zetta Factory

The only no-code ML platform in the world designed for business users.

Zetta Engines

Over 150 ready-for-production AI Text Analytics engines.

Media Monitoring Platform

A unique AI-powered content analytics and verification platform.

Use Cases

Top 3 Use-Cases where Text Analytics brings value.

Data Triage

Organizing and extracting meaning from large data sets of multilingual unstructured data: PII identification (compliance), data intelligence for security & cybersecurity, open source intelligence, reputation management, competition monitoring.

Process Automation

Combining RPA & AI to achieve
“hyperautomation” : automating
business processes where text & documents are involved, and where humans need to read, understand, summarize and take decisions using cognitive tasks that are replaced or complemented by AI.

Knowledge Management

Knowledge repositories can organize themselves through AI processing, making interaction with business users easier through natural conversations: document management, customer support, business operations.

Research Activities

Going beyond our solutions, we provide expertise for custom AI research projects.

Handwritten Recognition

Digitalization of historical hand-written archives through partnerships with Digital Humanities researchers.

Disinformation Detection

AI approaches for the automatic detection of online disinformation, propaganda and hate speech.

Semantic Advertising

Deep understanding of web pages content can increase the conversion of online advertising.


What Our Clients Say.

Mihai Balaj

CEO Future Work Force

Future Work Force is a leading European company in RPA implementation with a large portfolio of clients in various industries. We value trustworthy business partnerships and highly qualitative software solutions. This is exactly why I fully heartedly recommend Zetta Cloud. They built and delivered for us Text Analytics Natural Language Understanding NLU engines that integrate with our Robotic Process Automation software.