Factory No-Code

Adapt, Build, and Maintain AI Text Analytics engines without writing code

Factory No-Code.

Machine Learning available to Business Users.


Factory no-code is delivered as a set of Docker containers that can be deployed on public or private cloud, but also on-premises. The training data and the resulting production engines are fully secure.

Classifier Trainer

Build automated content classifiers using RNN or Transformer algorithms. Classifiers can be used to group documents according to an internal taxonomy, identify sentiments, emotions or stance.

Easy to Use

The platform is designed for business users that do not have extensive data science or machine learning expertise. Building AI engines is done from an intuitive user interface, without the need to write code.

Named Entity Trainer

Named Entity Recognition (NER) engines can extract valuable information from unstructured content. Import annotated datasets and generate NER engines with just a few clicks.

Engines, not just Models

Factory allows you to easily deploy production ready AI engines without further effort using the IntelliDockers standard: encrypted models, REST APIs and licensing module.

Multi-language support

Both the Classifier and Named Entity Recognition trainers supports 18 language natively, and can also support a multi-language approach for extended language support.

Factory: Sentiment Analysis

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The Democratization of Machine Learning

How Factory is advancing the concept of secure Machine Learning for everyone