Increase profitability and growth by reselling, referring and integrating our unique AI Deep Content Understanding technology.

Read how our RPA services implementation partner – Future Workforce – achieved true “hyper-automation” for a global telecom provider by leveraging our Factory platform to build custom NLP capabilities integrated into a UiPath-powered automation process.

Becoming a Partner.

At Zetta Cloud we focus on building technology that makes a difference and dream of automating every possible content-related cognitive task with our amazing Adaptable and Secure Text Analytics product suite – IntelliDockers and Factory no-code AI. But getting our technology in the hand of every user at a global scale is a task that cannot be achieved without a network of incredible partners – See below if your company fits our partner profile!

Partner Profile

  • Specialized Resellers and Referral partners: Partners that understand technology and AI and can position our unique technology portfolio to their established markets and customers, achieving a competitive edge in project upsells and new tenders.
  • System Integrators and Software Service Providers: Companies that build bespoke software solutions for their clients, dealing with huge or rapidly generated amounts of unstructured data and require a robust Text Analytics component that easily integrates with any IT system and software architecture.
  • Technology OEM partners: Companies that build software processing multilingual unstructured data, such as Data Analytics, Broadcast and Open Source Intelligence platforms, Media and Digital Asset Management tools, Digital and Mobile Forensics, Intelligent Assistant and RPA platforms.

Partner Benefits

  • Transparent and fair partner programs, with flexible minimum yearly revenue targets and compelling reward schemes.
  • Special partner discounts for referral and reselling partners, for every transaction, for the entire duration of the end customer contract.
  • High-touch partner management, training and sales enablement, with dedicated support.
  • Customized OEM pricing and licensing models for technology partners that embed our technology into their products, including “white labeling”.
  • Free development and demonstration licenses for our software offered to active partners.
  • Co-marketing and co-selling programs that enable mutual business growth.