• Automated Translation

    Automated Translation

    Automatically Translate text and documents from one language to another, with automatic identification of the source language. Supported target languages: afr (Afrikaans), amh (Amharic), ara (Arabic), ast (Asturian), aze (Azerbaijani), bak (Bashkir), bel (Belarusian), bul (Bulgarian), ben (Bengali), bre (Breton), bos (Bosnian), cat (Catalan), ceb (Cebuano), ces (Czech), cym (Welsh), […]

  • Semantic Comparison

    Semantic Comparison

    The Semantic Similarity Engine finds identical meaning contained by the analyzed content pieces, ignoring syntax or grammar. You can even compare content pieces written in different languages. It can be used for clustering documents based on the information they contain. There are two flavors of the Semantic Similarity engine: one […]

  • Analyzing Telegram with Factory AI

    Analyzing Telegram with Factory AI

    IntelliDockers , part of AI Factory, is a powerful adaptable and multilingual Text Analytics solution that can perform dozens of AI NLP tasks. Some of these can be used to extract information from social media or instant messaging platforms like Telegram Messenger, that do now allow programmatic (API-based) access to their content. One way to crawl content […]