Data Triage

At least 80% of the data processed by companies is unstructured.

Organizations are struggling to obtain actionable insights from internal and external data sources, as the amount of unstructured information is growing exponentially on a daily basis:

  • Product and services customer reviews.
  • Customer emails and support tickets.
  • Internal onboarding documentation.
  • Open Source data relevant to the industry.
  • Legal and Financial reports, memos, and contracts.
  • Internal communication: emails and chat.
  • Scanned document repositories and archives.
  • And much more.

The only feasible way of extracting actionable information from these unstructured sources – tranforming them into structured content – is by leveraging Artificial Intelligence Text Analytics. The Deep Neural Networks-based solution for understanding human language in all forms – audio and written – is able to accuratelly and securely transform any type of digital document or communication into a source of insight and bussiness value.

George Bara, founder Zetta Cloud

Data Triage for Effective Business Outcomes

Processing large amounts of unstructured data requires an approach called Data Triage, which takes as an input what we call BigData and as an output only the information relevant to the business objective. This is achieved by using Text Analytics, AI that replicates human cognitive processes:

  • Language Detection.
  • Automatic Summarization.
  • Automatic Classification.
  • Named Entity Recognition.
  • Topic Clustering.
  • Sentiment and Emotion Analysis.
  • Optical Character Recognition.

Read more about our multi-lingual solution for Text Analytics: IntelliDockers.

Typical examples of effective Data Triage scenarios are:

  • Law Enforcement, Defence, and Intelligence Open Source and Communication Intelligence monitoring.
  • Cyber threat intelligence on the Deep and Dark Web.
  • Proactive compliance monitoring.
  • Contracts and documentation management.
  • User feedback and reviews management.
  • Online reputation management.
  • Propaganda and disinformation detection.
  • Competition and industry monitoring.

Learn more about our AI-powered Media Monitoring solution: TrustServista.