Intelligent Knowlege Management

Traditional approaches to effective content management focuses on structured and high quality content, that can be then reused, interogated and made available to AI systems for interrogation. But real-life content is not structured; on the contrary more than 80% of your organization’s data is most likely unstructured.

Discover your data, no matter the structure and language

The main advantage of Artificial Intelligence is that it can process unstructured content. So why spend the time and effort in setting up structured taxonomy-driven repositories? Multi-lingual, multi-format data can be effectively discovered by applying Text Analytics engines to databases, data managements systems, email servers, websites and any other repository where your data is stored.

  • Transform scanned documents and PDF into readable text with AI OCR.
  • Determine the language at document or paragraph level with AI Language Detection.
  • Translate foreign-language content with AI Machine Translation.
  • Transcribe voice recordings into subtitles automatically with AI Speech to Text.
  • Automatically classify content on generic or custom taxonomies with AI Classifiers.
  • Extract relevant information from documents with AI Named Entity Recognition.
  • Create Topic Clusters and determine the relationship between documents with AI Semantic Similarity.
  • Identify sentiment and emotion in client or employee communication with AI Sentiment Analysis.

Talk with your data in natural language

Once the data is structured through the Discovery process, you will need to drill down into it for extract insights or perform data triage. Traditionally structure data is imported into analytics and visualisation tools by professionals that create reports and dashboards for decision makers.

AI Text Analytics can shorten the time to insight by allowing business users to directly talk with their data, in natural language.

This is achieved with a AI Question and Answering system that:

  • Understand the users questions.
  • Finds the most relevant data containing the answer in the unstructured repository.
  • Retrieves the data and provides it to the user as an answer with Generative AI.

Intelligent Knowledge Management.

Talk with our Data.


Both the Discovery and the Conversational AI systems need to learn from your data. Our systems work fully on-premises and in your infrastructure.


No matter how much public data an AI model can train upon, it will never know your bussines. You can train our AI on your own data, in your infrastructure, to achieve the highest output quality possible.


Unlike public cloud-based Large Language Models, our systems do not hallucinate or make up answers. All the answers are traced back to their source documents.