Zetta Cloud wins 2022 PatrioFest main award

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On Wednesday, 18 January, the 5th edition of the PatriotFest Gala took place, where Romanian performance was awarded, especially in the fields of autonomous systems and artificial intelligence. The projects selected by the jury stood out for the maturity of the topics addressed, and the people behind the projects showed vision, competitiveness, and collaborative spirit.

The awards of the 2022 PatriotFest competition were:
Prize of the edition: Emil Ștețco, Zetta Cloud, for the project “Factory – No Code AI”
First Prize “Autonomous Systems”: Bogdan Gașpar for the „heliCOPTER Barry” project.
First Prize “Innovation for Security”: Adrian Donca for the project “NC4F – Electric Car”
2nd Prize “Autonomous Systems”: Victor van Puyvelde for the “TEC 800 – Autonomous ground robot” project.
Second Prize “Innovation for Security”: Raul Ionel for the “Boundary Scan – quality assessment of electronic boards” project.
Third Prize “Autonomous Systems”: Ramona Budu for the “FIRE X – Autonomous Fire Fighting System” project.
Innovation for Security” 3rd Prize: Marius Dumitru for the “Mobile system for monitoring nitrite levels in the aquatic environment” project.
PatriotFest Debut Award: Bogdan Patriniche for the “Blockchain with embedded NLP” project.
Research for Defense Award: Mihalache Ghinea & UPBAIR for the “Pure Pneumatic Engine” project
PatriotFest Hope Award: Georgiana Simion for the “AI system for automatic diagnosis of liver lesions” project.

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